Matcha Hot Bath
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Matcha Hot Bath

Kaia Naturals

Inspired by ancient Japanese wellness practices, these detox baths mimic the properties of onsen hot spring water, believed by the Japanese to boost vitality, relieve muscle aches, and promote skin health. By soaking in hot water, the body eventually starts sweating, which helps release toxins and impurities through the skin—your body's largest organ. This custom soak is designed to enliven dry, dull skin with an invigorating blend of green tea, eucalyptus, balsam fir, and relaxing essential oils.
Soak for at least 15-30 minutes to allow your body to sweat and bask in the product’s minerals and nutrients. Use bi-weekly for ultimate relaxation.
Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Brassica Oleracea, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Powder, Eucalyptus Polybractea, Abies Balsamea.
195 g

In every bottle, there is enough for 2-3 luxurious baths.

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