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Green Ceremony Cleanser



Purpose: Cleanse and detoxify.
Results: Leaves skin clean, smooth, and fresh.

Formulated with powder-to-foam efficacy and bursting with the power of Matcha + Spirulina, this treatment cleanser removes all surface impurities, delivering a deep cleanse while respecting the skin barrier and energizing the skin. Using a gentle foam derived from coconuts - also known as baby foam - this cleanser removes all surface impurities while respecting the delicate moisture balance of the skin. The high chlorophyll content of Matcha acts as a powerful detoxifier, leaving your skin dirt-free, fresh and never tight. Concentrated Aloe Vera powder helps to calm the appearance of skin inflammation and redness, while Matcha + Spirulina offer their potent antioxidants to help defend against free radical damage and maintain fresh, youthful skin. Includes Green Ceremony Cleanser, Measuring Scoop and Muslin Cloth.

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