Store Manager (USA)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What I love:

My family truly is what my heart looks like. I love music, reading, collecting quotes, the process of getting to know people and learning their stories, action movies, generosity of spirit, belly laughs- especially with my sister, good lighting, great pens, handwritten notes, and I live for underdog success stories- always.

What I suck at:

I get lost easily when driving, it happens far too often!

Favorite spot in the world:

The stretch of the Schuylkill River that leads up to Boathouse Row, in Philadelphia. My Dad is a crew coach and has been involved in rowing for most of his life, so I grew up around the sport (he and my Mom actually lived in Vesper Boathouse when they were first married). I have so many personal memories tied to Boathouse Row dating back to when I was little- it always feels magical whenever I am home visiting.

Words to live by:

"Be gentle. Fill yourself up with love instead of hate. Fill yourself up with art, books, knowledge, experiences. Surround yourself with people who have nothing but love to give."

Why is green beauty important to you?

Whenever I feel good about myself on the outside, it's because that feeling has started within and has grown. Green Beauty feels very similar to me in that way- clean, non-toxic products are so transformative in supporting not only what you see on the outside, but also how you feel internally. To me, it's just another form of self- love: showering yourself with ingredients that nourish from the inside-out.

What is your favorite beauty product?

I swear by Argan Oil. I started using it about six or seven years ago and it visibly changed my skin. I have very thirsty skin and nothing ever seemed to be hydrating enough for me, until I used argan oil. It's rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, so its' effect on my skin feels amazing: super moisturizing and innately healing.

If you could be anyone or anything for a day, who/what would it be and why?

Thinking about being someone else is too much for me to wrap my head around for some reason! I joke that I'm coming back as a cat in my next life, so I will say...my cat, Luna. She takes sleeping very seriously, lives for playing with a laser, and is no-nonsense when it comes to interacting with others. Gotta respect that.

Three things in your refrigerator at all times:

Loads of water, Creamer for coffee/tea, and always some type of vegetable.

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