Bkr Cloud 500mL
Bkr Cloud 500mL

Bkr Cloud 500mL

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Opaque Stormy Dark Grey Inspired by a consciousness-altering encounter with man-made nature, dark grey steel art on the roof of the Met, gnarled as if a tree had been hit by lightning, a Gotham skyline, hovering storm clouds, overlooking miles of living trees, complete immersion in a twisted, peaceful urban refuge, enchanting, majestic, synthetic, cataclysmic, a non-violent warning, both plan-disrupting and cozy-making. I rarely leave a place feeling as I do right now: grateful, speechless, mildly buzzed, exhilarated as Emerson; glad to the brink of fear.

For each purchase of this product, we will plant a tree.

How To Use
Water bottle

glass + silicone + polypropylene