Cradle Cap Oil



Protect your child from cradle cap and other irritating scalp conditions with this potent blend of botanicals. Safflower oil soothes inflammation and moisturizes skin, while organic almond oil works to seal in moisture. Anti-fungal lemon eucalyptus and antioxidants Vitamin E and rosemary protect the delicate skin against external toxins. Regularly massage onto the baby's scalp to soothe discomfort and dispel this unwanted condition.

Brush the baby's hair/scalp, gently with a soft brush. Apply a small amount of the oil to baby’s scalp, gently massage in. Be careful around the fontanelle in a young infant. Use twice a day until the condition clears up.
*sunflower oil, *almond oil, *rosemary leaf extract, *geranium oil, *lemon eucalyptus oil, tocopherol. *denotes certified organic ingredient.

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