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Dainty Diamond Nova Necklace - 14k Yellow Gold

yellow gold
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WHAT IT IS: A 14k recycled yellow gold necklace with a 15" and 16" adjustable length.

WHY IT’S SPECIAL: This dainty gold necklace was created for those bound for greatness. A supernova is triggered when the trapped energy in a star ignites and bursts into light. With a luminosity one billion times that of the sun, supernovas represent all that is possible when we ignite the true potential of the soul and burn our very brightest. Shine on.

MATERIALS: - 14k recycled yellow gold - One 2.5 mm ethically sourced white diamond

PAIRS WELL WITH: Stack this necklace with other bluboho chains to create the story of your journey.

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Co-founders and life partners, Maggie Aurocco and Drew Vermeulen started bluboho as a simple way to mark memorable moments. From their first brick-and-mortar shop to the creation of each collection, the Canadian-founded brand—named ‘blu’ for the limitlessness of the sky and ‘boho’ for the free-spirited lust for life—continues to handcraft fine jewelry with ethically-sourced, raw materials, each piece designed to be a reminder to live with adventure and curiosity.

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