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Dirty faace

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Cleanse away makeup, grime, and other pollutants in one effortless step. This creamy-gel cleanser features a gentle coconut-based lather to whisk away impurities while a quenching blend of rose water, aloe, and glycerin seals in hydration. Infused with blemish-fighting zinc and brightening grapefruit seed, this purifying cleanser is perfect for those on the go to refresh and replenish skin after a long day.
Apply it your way: we didn't want to write you a rulebook on how to use a cleanser so go forth and play. Apply it to wet skin or apply it dry, all over the faace, neck and eyes and then add water once you've massaged it in. Remove with hands or a cloth. For use morning and night or whenever the dirt is getting on top of you. Finish with your regular routine or apply one of our Faace masks for extra brownie points. Suitable for all skin types.
100 ml | 3.4 oz
As someone who experiences regular flare-ups during her cycle, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens wondered why there wasn't a skincare brand that focused on upfront solutions versus end results. Exhausted by the idea of a complicated, multi-step routine, she decided to create her line of low-maintenance, one-and-done multitasking masks. _faace's fuss-free products target common skin woes to minimize disruption so you can carry on.

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