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Dull faace

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Starring kaolin clay, this cleanser-mask hybrid is loaded with antioxidant-rich ingredients—green tea, turmeric, vitamin C, and E—to fortify skin. A duo of licorice and kojic acid brightens, while hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin seal in moisture. Aromatic vetiver, neroli, and petitgrain ease the look of pores for a smooth, clear, lively-looking complexion. Use it as a cleanser for a quick fix, or leave it on as a 10-minute mask for a deep clean.
Apply it your way: Some days you want speed, some days you don't give a monkey's how long you spend with product on your faace. Use this as a cleanser on wet or dry skin and massage all over, including around the eyes. Remove with warm water, ideally with a cloth to mop up every last bit. Alternatively, leave it on for 2-10 minutes as a mask then rinse. Job done. Suitable for all skin types.
100 ml | 3.4 oz
As someone who experiences regular flare-ups during her cycle, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens wondered why there wasn't a skincare brand that focused on upfront solutions versus end results. Exhausted by the idea of a complicated, multi-step routine, she decided to create her line of low-maintenance, one-and-done multitasking masks. _faace's fuss-free products target common skin woes to minimize disruption so you can carry on.

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