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I am a Gift

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WHAT IT IS: A trio of full-sized Castille soaps inside a limited-edition box.

WHAT IT DOES: It offers three multi-purpose soaps made with uplifting essential oils for cleansing your face, body, and hair.

WHO IT’S FOR: A perfect gift for someone with sensitive skin or those who like a streamlined routine for feeling clean.

  • I am Free
  • I am Happy
  • I am Gorgeous
WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: You really can’t go wrong with a crowd-pleasing soap set. All made with 100% olive oil, each soap cleanses skin (and hair!) without stripping essential moisture, so you can look and feel free, happy, and gorgeous! Packaged inside a customizable box, you can write your own “I am” affirmation for the lucky recipient.

I am a Gift

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