Kansa Wand: Facial Massage Tool
Kansa Wand: Facial Massage Tool

Kansa Wand: Facial Massage Tool

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Ayurveda's take on a jade roller. Made with teak wood and Kansa metal, the stunning, dome-shaped Kansa Wand massages away puffiness and invigorates the skin for a healthy, revitalized glow. 5,000 years of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom credits the Kansa Wand with supporting detoxification and balancing the doshas—we love the way it plumps and smooths skin, helping it looking fresh and youthful. Use with your favorite oil for maximum benefits.

Note: Due to the nature of Kansa metal, a grey effect can occur on the skin. Easily rinsable with water, the greying effect is seen as a sign that your skin is detoxing.
How To Use
Apply 2 to 3 drops of Radiant Rani or your favorite serum and massage in small circular motions applying light pressure all over the face.

100% teak wood handle with a base of pure Kansa (copper + tin)

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