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Lanshin Intro Nephrite Gua Sha

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Introducing the Lady Nephrite - the newest Jade Gua Sha tool from Lanshin. This special jade is a green so dark that it appears black. When held to light you can see its actual green hues.

Also known as "He Tian" Jade, this form of the precious stone is more rare than Xiu Yan Jade and is regarded in China as having stronger resonance to the energy of the kidneys. In Chinese medicine, the health of the kidneys are foundational to overall vigor and vitality.

The Black Nephrite jade gua sha tool is dense and less prone to breakage. This is the U-shape tool recommended for facial gua sha beginners for self-care at home. Made of good quality Nephrite Jade, this stone has all the right shapes and notches to help relax tight muscles, improve the appearance of skin, and impart a lifted look.

Black Nephrite Jade
See enclosed card for links to video instructions.
Measures 2.25 x 3.25 inches.
Sandra Lanshin Chiu is an acupuncturist, herbalist and expert in Facial Gua Sha and Chinese medicine based skincare. These expert-designed Gua Sha tools are designed to work with Sandra's widely popular video tutorial, Facial Gua Sha Self-Care.



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