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Put EMF On Mute: Minimizes the EMF impact on your natural sleep rhythm Diffusing up to 99% of EMF radiation without affecting service, it's tiny yet mighty! Works on all devices with WiFi, Bluetooth or a cellular signal. Set Healthy Boundaries Studies show that wireless radiation can cause long term cellular damage and inflammation in the body, uneven collagen distribution and hormonal breakouts. Prolonged exposure can even destabilize our metabolism and mess with our sleep by suppressing the secretion of melatonin, causing dizziness and daytime fatigue. Live Your Best Life Avoid toxic energy and surround yourself with protective ions that neutralize EMFs, making it healthier for your body to absorb. The glow up IS real. Create a better balance between your digital self and your IRL health.
Protect your skin, protect your screens. Made from high-quality, anti-glare Japanese tempered glass, all of SaveFace’s IRL filters help minimize exposure to blue HEV* light and prevent the spread of yucky germs thanks to antimicrobial silver ions.

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