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Clair de Lune



Clair de Lune is a skin radiance treatment specially formulated for Moon Juice. The kit combines a revitalizing mist and a radiance booster for an easy two-step regimen formulated to achieve a dewy luminous glow. After just a few applications, the skin feels hydrated and nourished - yet never greasy - and is glowing with a newfound radiance.

Lightly dampen your skin with the Aloe & Rose Revitalizing Mist. On dampened skin, massage 2-three drops of Clair de Lune Radiance Serum.
Aloe Vera juice & Rose Water revive and refresh your skin for a glowing, healthy look.

Rare Wild Carrot Seed Oil, hand pressed in a small French village with the same traditional method for over two centuries is known to “donner bonne mine” which means “give fresh healthy complexion.”

Precious Camellia Seed Oil, extracted from the antioxidant-rich seed of Green Tea, is rich in plant collagen and known as the ancient beauty secret of the geishas, creating an immediate radiance boost.

Peach Oil, light and penetrative, helps to balance sebum production, leaving skin refreshed, youthful and radiant.
Great on all skin types. Gluten-free.

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