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Pistachio Bites

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Every bite of our pistachio energy bites is packed with healthy fats and protein making it a perfectly balanced snack.

Velvety and moist in texture; chocolatey, nutty and sweet in taste. Handcrafted and coated in freshly chopped pistachios.

Bite-sized and easy to carry around, they make a great pre or post workout snack. No matter when you eat these crunchy little snacks, they will keep your body satisfied and your energy levels high. With no added sugar, these energy bites are good for you and most importantly, delicious!

Organic ·  Gluten free ·  Vegan ·  Paleo ·  Free from Refined Sugars

Pouches: 2 energy bites in a pouch, 12 pouches in a box (24 bites)
Glass jar: 12 energy bites in a jar

Allergen warning: product contains tree nuts

*May ship separately and not eligible for gift wrapping.

almonds, dates, fair trade cocoa, pistachios, sea salt
Nomz founder, Jana Al Zaibak, began her health journey in 2013 by cutting out all refined sugar from her diet. To quell her cravings for something sweet, she began making chocolate energy balls from nuts, dates, and other superfoods. Each of these refined sugar-free snacks is mindfully rolled into bite-sized pieces to satisfy a sweet tooth while delivering energy and clarity.

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