Los Feliz Red Rock Eau de Parfum
Los Feliz Red Rock Eau de Parfum

Red Rock Eau de Parfum

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An arid and unusual fragrance, white sage and mitti attar come together to bring to life the scent of Red Rock, California. Los Feliz Botanicals' Red Rock Eau de Parfum is punchy at the head, with a smooth and almost magical dry down.

Notes: Choya Ral, Mitti Attar, Patchouli, White Sage, Turmeric, Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Galbanum

Organic Corn Alcohol, 100% Natural Fragrance (a proprietary blend of essential oils and extracts)

All natural ingredients, no synthetics, parabens, or pthalates. Not tested on animals.

10 ml | 30 ml