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The Ultimate Skin Remedy Try Me Kit: Tired + Dull Skin




Oléosomes Time Release Delivery Crème : an advanced formula that serves as a time-release base for the Serum Concentrate, allowing for optimum delivery of actives an d hydration throughout the entire day or night.

+ 4 SOOTHING Serum Concentrates to create a perfect healthy glow :

VITAL GLOW CaR Serum Concentrate : Bring newfound vitality and strength to tired skin with the perfect balance of vitamins A,C & E.

HYPER-PIGMENTATION Pa+G Serum Concentrate : A dark spot corrector formulated with Papaya fruit enzymes to fade brown spots and prevent the apparition of further skin pigmentation.

RADIANCE Gt+L Serum Concentrate : This fast-acting serum harvests the power of plant collagen and antioxidant-rich Camellia seed oil, extracted from the seeds of green tea, to restore perfect radiance.

DULL SKIN Pf+O Serum Concentrate : Fight skin fatigue with the vitamin & mineral-rich serum formulated to revitalize & illuminate dull skin. Passion Fruit marries Orange oil to boost skin luminescence, instantly providing the skin with vitality and freshness.

Choose one of the 4 Serum Concentrates best suited to your skin’s specific needs.

In the palm of your hand, mix 1-2 drops of the Serum Concentrate with Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème. Apply all over face.

Alternatively, use 1-2 drops of the Serum Concentrate alone for a more intensive treatment or as a spot treatment.

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