Vital Boost Set Vital Boost Set Vital Boost Set
Vital Boost Set Vital Boost Set Vital Boost Set

Vital Boost Set

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This set contains a 2oz. Hydrating Accelerator, .75oz. Vital Balm Cream and .5oz Hydration Boost Concentrate. These products are packaged in a high-quality white box printed with our logo in black, held together by a black sleeve with our logo and the Vital Boost Set printed in white. The interior box has a black insert which cradles each product individually including an insert card containing all of the product descriptions, ingredients and how to use.
How To Use
Hydrating Accelerator: Use this hydrator before applying the Deep Hydrating Serum, or before any moisturizer or serum. You can also spray the Hydrating Accelerator on your face or body anytime throughout the day for an uplifting blast of refreshing moisture, whenever you need it.

Vital Balm Cream: After applying your favorite serum or face oil, apply a small amount of Vital Balm Cream evenly over your entire face and neck.

Hydration Boost Concentrate:

Vital Boost Set

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