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3 Tips To Balance & Cleanse Your Heart Chakra

3 Tips To Balance & Cleanse Your Heart Chakra

We cannot have another build our temple for us,
nor can we afford to pay for it by sacrificing love.
If we are to invite divine energies to manifest within us,
then we must build our own temple.

- Anodea Judith

February is hearth month, which brings light to celebrating love. The heart chakra is the central chakra and connection of the physical and spiritual chakras represented in our system. It is in the centre of the human energy system, and is the home of love for self and love for others, compassion, and acceptance.

Physically, the heart chakra spreads through the arms, chest and lungs. When blocks occur we can experience physical or spiritual pains in these areas. By releasing tension in this chakra, we free ourselves to find the balance in love. Without this balance we can experience loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, or being judgmental (to name a few). When in balance, we can experience a balanced flow with others, complete love of self and self-acceptance, compassion, empathy, healthy relationships, and a healthy immune system.

Element: Air

Purpose: Love and Balance

Color: Green

In Balance:

Self Acceptance

Acceptance of others







Lack of self-acceptance and acceptance of others

Heart, Breast and Lungs

Basic Rights: To love and be loved

To flow within and from your heart is to feel a sense of balance and peace unlike any other. When experiencing signs of blockages in this chakra try these 3 ways to bring that balance back:

1. Breathing

Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes and take a deep inhale, exhale everything out through your mouth. Sound your breath by practicing making a HA sound on the inhale and a HA sound on the exhale. Sealing the lips, inhale through your nose with that same HA sound. Exhale through your nose creating that oceanic sound in the back of your throat. This 'pranayama practice' of breathing keeps you centered and grounded. The goal is to find balanced breathing - inhaling and exhaling for 3-5 counts. To start, try doing this for 3 minutes a day and work your way up.

2. Writing

Writing or journaling allows a release of thoughts and feelings in the body to become tangible on paper. It is a great way to connect within and to release anything you may be holding onto or hold tension around. When clearing negative feelings, seal the practice by burning the letter you wrote.

3. Forgiveness

Learning to let go is a way of freeing yourself and others. Holding onto tension that is no longer serving you is a disease for your system. When incorporated with writing you let go of the past and can fully come into the present.


Learning is beautiful.

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