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The Edit: Maya Chia's Superior Seed Oil

The Edit: Maya Chia's Superior Seed Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: Chia Seed Oil

Dubbed one of the most nutrient-dense plant sources, chia seed oil is ready to amp-up your routine by the new year. 

Maya Chia is known for pioneering results-driven luxury products with novel ingredients—namely, this powerful seed oil. Through careful clinical tests, they continue to prove that the endless list of skin- and hair-harmonizing benefits of this efficacious oil will forever exceed all expectations. 

Potent Pick

The seeds that power this namesake brand's formulations are sourced from ethical farmers in Central America, which ensure each product contains the purest form. 

Benefit Backed

  • As a powerful antioxidant, it’s your skin’s best defense against free-radical damage

  • Packed with essential fatty acids, it keeps skin plump and smooth

  • Thanks to its high-nutrient content, it deeply nourishes limp, lackluster hair

  • Lightweight, yet deeply moisturizing, a little goes a long way to revive dry ends 

On Our Wishlist 

Maya Chia is a leader in developing clean beauty products using top-notch ingredients. Their innovative skin and hair products make great gifts for equally innovative air signs.  

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