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Brand story



Begoña Sanjuan and Isabel Ramos


Minimalism meets cutting-edge science in Ayuna’s exquisitely effective skincare range inspired by the concept of “less is more.” With high-performance formulas that feed skin precisely what it craves, Ayuna delivers maximum results.




Barcelona, Spain


For two decades, Begoña, an esthetician, and Isabel, a formulator, created award-winning, luxury skincare for other brands. After concluding the best results came from clean beauty, the industry veterans joined forces and Ayuna was born.



BS: Mequinenza, Spain.
IR: Born in Lyon, France and grew up in Mataró, Spain


BS: I’m a beauty educator (and fanatic!), as well as an esthetician.
IR: I’m a formulator with a PhD in Chemistry

Ideal escape?

BS: Having a beach to myself.
IR: My father’s hometown village in the Tabernas Desert of Spain—it recharges my body and soul

Ice cream flavor?

BS: Turrón (a Spanish specialty made with nougat).
IR: Dark chocolate (as dark as possible)

What is your secret skill?

BS: Storytelling.
IR: Dressmaking—I love the process

What is your biggest challenge?

BS: Counting to ten. Sometimes I speak before I think.
IR: Being present in the here and now

What is your best life advice?

BS: If you don’t like the road you’re on, take another one.
IR: Follow your inner direction