Detox Points are a great way to earn cash back on all your Detox Market purchases!
  • Get 5% Back! You get 5 Points for every $1 spent
  • Get $10 off your purchase when you use your 1000 Points at checkout!
    1. How does it work? You must be logged into your Detox Market account in order to receive and redeem points. Rack up the points, enjoy your natural products, and start saving today!

      Please note that points will be visible in your account 30 days after you make a purchase or review a product.

      Please note that points can not be used in conjunction with any other promotional codes, gift cards and sales.

      CREATE an account today, or LOGIN to start earning points!

    2. What are Detox Points? Detox Points are a new and fun way to earn green beauty and wellness rewards. When you join our loyalty program, each dollar spend earns you points. Use those points to get any natural product you want. No pre-set rewards. Your points, your choice. You can also earn Detox Points by referring The Detox Market to friends.
    3. Can you combine points with a discount code? Rewards cannot be combined with other offers. Don’t worry though! Your points never expire. If you forgot to use them, you will be able to use it them on your next purchase! 
    4. Does it apply to all products? Yes! Your points, your choice.
    5. Do they expire? Detox Points never expire.
    6. What is the minimum I can use? You need to have a minimum of 1000 points to redeem a $10 reward toward any product of your choice. You can use your points as follows: 1000 points = $10 OFF ; 2000 points = $20 OFF and 5000 points = $50 OFF.
    7. Does it work in Canada and the US? Our Canadian website has its own rewards program. US points can not be redeemed on the Canadian website and vice versa.
    8. Does it work online and in store? Yes! Simply give your email address to our friendly Detox Ambassador upon checking out to earn or redeem points.
    9. How do I redeem my reward? You will be able to apply Rewards to your order at checkout as a discount code. Redeeming is the best part!
    10. I canceled my order. Can I get my reward back? Yes you can! Leave us a note when you cancel so we can credit your points back into your account.
    11. I returned some items, can I keep the points earned from my purchase? When returning an item, please note that related points will be deducted from your rewards account.  Once deducted if the product has been opened, they cannot be placed back into your account.  Refunds will be issued on unused merchandise (minus TDM return exclusions) in the form items were paid.