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Detox Points FAQs

Detox Points are a great way to earn cashback on all your purchases from The Detox Market! 
Earn 5% cashback in Detox Points on every purchase
$1 spent = 1 point
Get $5 off your purchase when you use 100 points at checkout
  • What are Detox Points?
    Detox Points are a fun way to earn rewards through The Detox Market's free loyalty program. When you join our loyalty program by creating an account, you receive one Detox Point for each dollar you spend. The best part? You can use your points on any product you want! Create an account or login to start earning points today. (Anyone with an account is automatically enrolled.) 
  • How do Detox Points work?
    Detox Points are valid online and in store. When shopping online, you must be logged into your account to receive and redeem Detox Points. Points are automatically added once you make a purchase. In store, simply provide your email to our friendly Detox Ambassadors at checkout! Note: Points can not be used in conjunction with any other promotional codes, gift cards, or sales. The Detox Box is excluded from earning or redeeming points.
  • How do I earn Detox Points?
    In addition to earning points for each purchase, there are plenty of other ways you can rack up more: recycle your empties in store (Please note, you are more than welcome to bring empty sample containers to recycle, however, these will not qualify for detox points. Earn 10 points per product - limit of 10 products per store visit!), follow us on Instagram, etc. Discover all the ways you can earn Detox Points here.
  • Can you combine Detox Points with a discount code?
    Rewards cannot be combined with other offers. 
  • Are my points eligible for all products?
    Yes! Your points, your choice.
  • Will my points ever expire?
    Detox Points never expire.
  • What is the minimum I can use?
    You need to have a minimum of 100 points to redeem a $5 reward toward any product of your choice. We now offer eight Detox Points vouchers. You can use your points as follows: 100 points = $5, 200 points = $10, 300 points = $15, 400 points = $20, 500 points = $25, 600 points = $30, 800 points = $40, 1000 points = $50.
  • Does it work in Canada and the US?
    Our Canadian and US websites have separate rewards programs. Points are non-transferable between territories. 
  • I canceled my order. Can I get my reward back?
    Yes you can! Just be sure to drop us a note when you cancel so we can credit your points back to your account.
  • I returned some items. Can I keep the points earned from my purchase?
    When you return an item, any earned points from that purchase will be deducted from your rewards account accordingly. 
  • Can I use my points with other sales and promotions?
    No. Detox Points cannot be used with other promotions and discount codes. Subject to change without notice.