The Freshest Skincare Step for Lymphatic Drainage

Step 1: Begin by dry brushing to promote restorative blood flow. 

How-To: Before hopping into the shower, grip the wooden handle and start making small strokes in an upwards motion along your skin, working from your feet up to your torso.

The Freshest Skincare Step for Exfoliating the Body

Step 2: Next, gently slough off dull skin with a body scrub.

How-To: Thanks to its finely-ground consistency, this crystal-charged exfoliator gently removes flakes and texture without stripping essential moisture so fresh, silky skin can resurface.  

The Freshest Skincare Step for Hydrating the Body

Step 3: Then, layer on a vitamin A-rich body cream to moisturize and brighten skin. 

How-To: After exfoliating your body in the shower, massage a large dollop of this moisturizer into your skin to replenish a healthy, hydrated glow.

The Freshest Skincare Step for Clarifying Skin

Step 4: Erase blemish-causing buildup with this resurfacing gel mask. 

How-To: Using its accompanying brush, layer this enzymatic mask onto your face, let it dry for ten minutes, and then peel or rinse it off to clear impurities and reveal baby-soft skin.

The Freshest Skincare Step for Protecting Skin

Step 5: Then, apply a moisturizer to rehydrate and shield skin from external stressors.

How-To: After cleansing and resurfacing your skin, apply a couple pumps of this nutrient-dense cream and massage it in to moisturize and fortify the skin barrier.

The Freshest Skincare Step for Luscious Lips

Step 6 & 7: Lastly, use a scrub and follow with a mask to repair winter-cracked lips. 

How-To: Start by gently polishing with the sugar scrub to remove chapped skin until your lips feel smooth to touch. Then, apply a generous coat of the buttery-rich, reparative lip mask to seal in moisture, repeating daily.