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The Warming Stripes depict global temperatures from 1850 to the present.


Big results require big ambitions, and we’re determined to make a difference.

We are planting 500,000
trees by the end of 2023


When I came across the #ShowYourStripes campaign—a simple, fact-based, visual representation of the global rise in temperature over the past 120 years—I was stunned. Comparing where my parents were born on the chart to where my birth year fell was eye-opening enough, but when I placed my kids on the dark red stripes? I realized things needed to change, and soon.

It’s time to act. The Earth CPR Initiative is our sustainability roadmap for the next five years. Our goals are as ambitious as we are committed—very—and we’re excited to inspire others to join us along the way.

There’s no time to waste.

Romain-The Detox Market - Canada

Romain, Founder & CEO


The Earth CPR Initiative is our sustainability roadmap to achieving our goals of being carbon negative, planting at least 2.5 million trees, and inspiring others to follow suit—all by 2025.

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Being part of the solution starts with cleaning up the mess that already exists. Company-wide recycling is a critical part of that, along with best practices like keeping our coastlines clean and choosing eco-friendly products.


Proactively contributing to a thriving planet is central to our vision, and we are working with Eden Reforestation Projects to do just that. By planting trees—a single mature tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year—we’re creating a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.
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Becoming carbon negative by 2025 means rethinking our processes to see where we can reduce our waste. From our stores and offices to our shipping warehouses, we’re making simple changes that yield results, now and over time.
EcoCart-The Detox Market - Canada
Shopping more sustainably is a click away
We’ve partnered with EcoCart, an e-commerce plugin that offers you a more eco-friendly way to shop our site. EcoCart’s integrated algorithm can quickly determine the exact cost of offsetting emissions from manufacturing and shipping your order, giving you the option to cover this cost at checkout—approximately 1-2% of your cart’s total.
How it works
Making your order carbon neutral is as easy as 1-2-3
Add your desired items to your bag.
Look out for the little Earth icon in your cart—this will swiftly calculate your order’s carbon impact.
Once EcoCart calculates the amount, click the ‘add’ button to make your order carbon neutral.
Rejoice in knowing you’ve made a positive impact on the planet—one order at a time.
CleanHub_Logo_Black-The Detox Market - Canada
When green beauty meets blue beauty
Fact: 11 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year. We’ve partnered with Cleanhub—a tech-first solution that works with businesses to fund the collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic. It’s the only plastic collection solution that provides real-time tracking to verify impact.
1+1 for the planet
The plastic-neutral stamp of approval
You may have noticed a “Plastic Neutral” badge popping up on our The Detox Market and Detox Mode product pages. For every one of these certified products purchased, Cleanhub will collect an equivalent amount of plastic (or more!) in polluted countries on our behalf, giving you peace of mind knowing your purchase is a force for good.