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Suzanne LeRoux

Made in microbatches using plant-based ingredients, One Love Organics innovates high-quality skincare with no fillers or shortcuts.


Golden Isles, Georgia

Former lawyer Suzanne LeRoux shifted careers to follow a passion for herbology, aromatherapy, and holistic wellness. Her brand, One Love Organics was founded on the principle that you can achieve more with less and that love is the strongest force on earth.

What’s Inside

Jan_Detox_Box_-_Product_2-The Detox Market - Canada

Botanical A Bio-Retinol Night Serum

$98 VALUE | 1 oz | 28 g

Skin Affirmation: I AM BALANCED
A lightweight overnight serum that supports the skin’s microbiome by powerfully exfoliating for a firm and glowy complexion.  

Tip to ACE 2023: Don’t overdo it! This powerful vitamin-A rich serum should be slowly integrated into your routine. Start by using it on alternating nights to avoid irritation. 

Jan_Detox_Box_-_Product_1-The Detox Market - Canada

Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque

$63 VALUE | 3.4 oz | 97g

Skin Affirmation: I AM RESILIENT 
Buff away buildup and impurities with a radiance-inducing scrub that’s gentle on skin and serious on resurfacing. 

Tip to ACE 2023: Give it time! Mango butter is rich in vitamin-C to combat dullness and dryness. Brighten up your complexion by leaving this scrub on as a five minute mask.

Jan_Detox_Box_-_Product_3-The Detox Market - Canada

Vitamin E Youth Preservation Serum

$40 VALUE | 0.33 oz | 9.3 g

Skin Affirmation: I AM CALM
Plump and smooth with this antioxidant-rich daily serum that nourishes and preps skin for the day (and year) ahead.

Tip to ACE 2023: Stay consistent! Vitamin E is known for its non-pore clogging, anti-inflammatory properties. Apply the serum over damp skin to boost moisture and maximize product absorption.

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