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The S.O.S. Detox Box (Save Our Strands)


Are your strands feeling scorched by the sun? Rescue strands from summer sun damage with a set of five haircare heroes to hydrate, tame frizz, and protect your shine so you can (safely!) play outside.


Greg and Joanne Starkman

Innersense Organic Beauty is dedicated to revolutionizing your daily hair care rituals with naturally formulated products. By harnessing the power of organic chemistry, they prioritize radical transparency to ensure the well-being of their consumers and the planet.



Seasoned salon professionals Greg and Joanne Starkman recognized the increasing demand for clean, pure, and non-toxic hair care products. Guided by their innersense, they curated an award-winning hair care collection that invites the community to fall in love with the self-care of clean hair care.

What’s Inside

Pure Harmony Hairbath

$36 VALUE  10 oz. | 295 ml

Why You Need It: Hot weather means your hair is exposed to sunscreen, swimming, and sweating—all known to throw your scalp’s microbiome off balance. You need a gentle cleansing wash that hydrates and purifies to restore your scalp and strands back to perfect harmony.

Hair Hack: Hot weather leads to dry, brittle strands. Prevent dryness by applying the shampoo directly to the scalp to cleanse away dirt and impurities without overly drying your ends.

Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

$38 VALUE  10 oz. | 295 ml

Why You Need It: Frizz, dryness, and breakage are all results of sun overexposure. You need to maintain moisture with a lightweight conditioner that strengthens and smoothes, without weighing you down

Hair Hack: Sweating can make you want to wash your hair more frequently. If you feel the need to wash daily, skip the shampoo and go straight for a small amount of conditioner to coat your ends and lock in hydration.

Hair Love Prep Spray

$36 VALUE 6.7 fl.oz | 198 ml

Why You Need It: Whether the source of heat is coming from the sun or a hot styling tool, you need to protect your strands from sizzling up. Prime your hair with a restoring spray that provides thermal, UV ray, and environmental care. 

Hair Hack: Apply the prep spray on wet hair! This will ensure the vitamin B, rice protein, and baobab extract can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and work its magic. 

Serenity Smoothing Cream

$36 VALUE 6 fl.oz | 177 ml

Why You Need It: Summer is event season—meaning you’ll want your hair looking and feeling its best. For the fullest frizz-free blowout, you need a lotion designed to smooth the hair cuticle and lock in moisture for a sleek and shiny style.

Hair Hack: For a salon-worthy blowout, work this cream into wet hair and wait for it to dry slightly before reaching for the blow dryer. Blowouts work best on damp hair to prevent frizz and tangling. 

I Create Hold

$12 VALUE - 2 fl.oz | 59.15 ml

Why You Need It: Dryness can cause the hair cuticle to become rough and cracked—leading to breakage. In order to keep your mane healthy, hydrated, and holding the shape you want, you need a firm hold styling gel that improves shine, flexibility and strength. 

Hair Hack: Hair gel has come a long way since the hardening, greasy formulas of the 90’s. Apply the gel before you start styling so the gel can absorb into the hair to allow for easier shaping. 

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