Cacao Mylk Cacao Mylk
Cacao Mylk Cacao Mylk

Cacao Mylk

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Inspired by cozy nights in, plush blankets and rose-scented bubble baths, this delish and functional hot cocoa is choc-full of adaptogens and raw cacao power. Chaga mushroom, maca and cacao lift the spirits, target stress and promote a glow from within. Just whisk, warm with milk and sweeten to your liking - it’s your chocolatey hygge in a cup.
How To Use
In a small pot, whisk 2 tsp Cacao Mylk with drizzle of maple syrup + splash of water to make a paste. Add 1 cup warm milk. Heat and whisk to combine.

Organic raw cacao powder, Organic cinnamon, Organic ginger, Organic nutmeg, pink himalayan sea salt, Organic chaga mushroom, Organic maca

80 g