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The Edit: Healthy Hair Must-Haves

The Edit: Healthy Hair Must-Haves

After having a family, Innersense Organic Beauty co-founders and beauty industry pros Greg and Joanne Starkman realized their desire for living a slower and more mindful life, which included higher-quality products that felt true to them. It’s an idea that certainly hits home this time of year when schedules are packed and everything feels disposable.

Two of the couple’s star formulas, True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub and Detox Hair Mask, are here to make self-care more intentional. Used as a pre-shampoo exfoliation treatment, the cooling scalp scrub contains a hydrating blend of natural botanicals and Hawaiian Red salt rich in restorative volcanic clay, so you can gently cleanse your hair without the worry of irritation or sensitivity. To further remove build-up and balance your scalp, the detoxifying mask is a five-minute miracle for tired-looking hair of all textures. Organic white vinegar, charcoal, and kaolin clay lift away impurities without stripping the hair’s all-important natural oils. What’s left is effortlessly softer and shinier strands ready for the spotlight.

Healthy Hair Must-Haves for an Added Touch

“My love languages are physical touch and acts of service. I feel so taken care of when Joanne offers to give me a shoulder massage with Harmonic Treatment Oil...especially after bringing me a plate of my favorite food!”

—Greg Starkman, Co-Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty

“I am delighted by quality time and acts of service. There is nothing more meaningful to me than when Greg offers to spend time with me at the salon! He has the best shampooing style and my hair and scalp always feel their best when he gives me the full treatment. Cue the True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub and Detox Hair Mask.”
—Joanne Starkman, Co-Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty

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