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We spend years exploring, researching & testing our products. We cultivate face-to-face, trust-based relationships with every brand owner before we carry their items in our store.

The result? Our tight yet highly curated selection comprises only the best-of-breed items that have passed our rigorous approval process.

Co-founder Valérie is a breast cancer survivor. During her healing journey, she discovered the inordinate amount of toxicity in personal care products.

As you can imagine, we take purity very seriously. This is why we meticulously dissect each product for toxic and controversial ingredients. You won’t find culprits like parabens, phthalates, glycols, PEGs or synthetics in anything we offer.

Need help figuring out which supplement you need? Not sure which moisturizer you should use? Looking for a healthy snack recipe?

If we can help you in any way whatsoever to support your "detoxed life," don't hesitate to reach out! We'll connect you with a real, live friendly expert ready to lend a hand!


Philosophy Our Story Our Team our Location

“The Detox Market is a passion project, an experiment that turned out well. We never intended to start a new venture.” Romain Gaillard, Co-Founder

The Detox Market is the outcome of two events: A large demand for answers in a complicated world of greenwashing, and the solution by two passionate eco-preneurs, Valérie Grandury and Romain Gaillard.


When we created Odacité, our incredible eco-conscious clientele frequently sought our expertise on much more than organic skin care. They wanted to know where to find non-toxic and superior-quality lipsticks, hair sprays, nail polishes, candles...anything we could recommend they wanted to know about (and get their hands on!).


So many people want products that marry purity + effectiveness + style, but many do not have the time or resources to ensure they're making the smartest investments in their health and beauty products. With so many so-called green items out there, how do you know which one you can really count on?

Having survived breast cancer and completely detoxifying her entire life to heal herself, Valérie made it her mission to find a solution for not just her and her own family, but for everyone.

The Detox Market is that solution.


“After overcoming breast cancer, it became my mission to help others adopt a detoxed lifestyle while staying true to their fabulous selves.” Valérie Grandury, Co-Founder


We scouted the world looking for products that remove toxins and pollutants without removing efficacy, taste or style. We carefully screened and tested hundreds of products, ensuring they are good for you and the planet. The choices were overwhelming and confusing, at times deceiving.

After months, we got down to a short list and asked ourselves: If we had to select the best of the best, which would we choose?


Then it dawned on us: Why don’t we unite all these amazing brands under one roof? How can we create a toxin-free space that combines Green California with a flair of Parisian Chic?

In November 2010, we opened the first organic pop-up shop on Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA, introducing the most rare and superior green brands in health and beauty, all of which were thoroughly tried and tested and some of which had never been in the U.S. before.

Breaking away from most green stores, not only did we commit to offering the best selections, but we also worked exclusively with small companies serious about organic living. Behind each brand stands a passionate green entrepreneur with a hands-on approach that ensures quality and integrity at every step of production.

We planned to conclude our little experiment on December 31, 2010, but…


The pop-up in Abbot Kinney was an instant success. Press from all over the world, from our home base in the U.S. to Germany to Taiwan, was enamored. We were awarded best concept store by Women’s Wear Daily, the fashion, beauty and retail authority. We received phone calls asking us when we’d open The Detox Market in other cities.


After a few months, we decided to open new pop-ups in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2011, a Canadian Naturopathic Doctor decided to drop by the store to check out what the buzz what about. She immediately loved the store and convinced Romain and Valérie to open a pop-up in Toronto. In just a few weeks, The Detox Market opened on King St. West for our Canadian friends.


As of 2011, we continue to offer our brands in West Hollywood and Toronto. We also offer all our selections online at so you can live good, live happy & live detoxed from anywhere in the world!

Philosophy Our Story Our Team our Location

Our team comprises highly trained specialists (and a few pets who provide incredible moral support). Among our eclectic group is a certified esthetician, a makeup artist and a naturopath. Though we all comes from different walks of life, we share one important common denominator: We love helping people detox!

So, if have a question about anything at all—whether it’s how to apply your foundation or recommendations on a morning smoothiecontact us through any of the methods below!

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