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Compostable Konjac Body Sponge

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WHAT IT IS: A biodegradable body exfoliating sponge.

WHAT IT DOES: Once activated with water, it slowly softens into a gel-textured cushion, enveloping skin naturally in a creamy lather for a soft and smooth finish.

WHO IT’S FOR: Those looking for a naturally-made, planet-friendly body exfoliator to use alone or with their favourite body washes.

  • 100% Konjac Root: A naturally alkaline, porous vegetable grown in Asia that softens when wet into a cushiony pillow with a gentle soap-like cleansing ability, leaving skin perfectly balanced.
WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Did you know most plastic-based sponges take over 400 years to decompose and are often too harsh for the skin? This compostable konjac sponge made from 100% plant fiber is the solution to being kind to the planet and your skin. Simply activate it with water, watch it swell and soften, and run it across your body for smoother, radiant skin. We love pairing it with the Everist Waterless Body Wash Concentrate for a deeper, refreshing cleanse.
Just add water and watch this compostable sponge transform into a cushy pillow and your body wash’s new best friend. Rinse with hot water after use. Gently squeeze out excess water. Hang to air dry. Home compost after 2-3 months of use and recycle paper wrap.
1 unit
Former beauty executives Jayme Jenkins and Jessica Stevenson were left questioning what a personal care company without single-use plastic could look like. Two years later, they answered with their innovative brand Everist. Focused on creating everyday essentials that are plant-based, high-performing, and free of single-use plastic, Everist developed the first hair and body care concentrates that are water- and preservative-free for a healthier clean.



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