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Calming Herbal Repair Serum Concentrate Balm

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WHAT IT IS: A soothing, herbal facial serum concentrate balm.

WHAT IT DOES: Enhances the glide of facial tools while nourishing the skin for a more relaxed, radiant complexion.

WHO IT’S FOR: Those with any skin type looking to add suppleness and help their facial tools glide smoothly.

  • Plant Roots (Purple Gromwell, Licorice, and Rhodia): Antioxidant-rich extracts that help soothe sensitivity and fortify the skin barrier.
  • Squalane: a biocompatible oil that balances and hydrates for smooth, supple skin
  • Green Tea Extract: an antioxidant powerhouse that fights free radical damage and inflammation
  • Murumuru Butter locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Treat your skin daily to a luxurious self-care ritual by pairing this nourishing balm with your favourite skincare tool. Using its accompanying silver spoon, scoop out a pearl-sized amount and massage into clean skin. Not only will this provide an effortless slip for your facial tools, but it imparts a radiant glow—need we say more?

* formerly The Calming Herbal Repair Facial Massage Balm


Calming Herbal Repair Serum Concentrate Balm

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