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Clean Swaps

Clean Swaps

It's time to switch!

When it comes to our beauty products we all have our life long staples that we feel we could never give up. These are often over the counter drug store finds or department store high end investment pieces. Here at The Detox Market we hear about it all the time and the truth is, you can live without them because we now have their green beauty alternatives! These clean swaps will soon make you forget about your former staples!

Clean Swap #1: Petroleum Jelly

Clean Swap #2: Face Cleanser

Clean Swap #3: Deodorant

Clean Swap #4: Lotion

Clean Swap #5: Toothpaste

So now that you are enlightened with options to swap your toiletries over to cleaner and greener options, keep in mind that transitioning your products do take time. Over time you will start to recognize how great the swaps are and never go back. Just know that patience is key when transitioning to healthier options. Enjoy your new swaps!

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Learning is beautiful.

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