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Ever wondered what the story is when it comes to beauty balms? In a nutshell, they are incredibly healing, hydrating, and packed with oils. Beauty balms contain no water and have become a go-to hero product over the years to help heal, moisturize and smoothen the skin.


Product type
Josh Rosebrook
$63.00 CAD
Vital Balm Cream
One Love Organics
$62.00 CAD
Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm
Laurel Skin
$146.00 CAD
Night Balm
Ursa Major
$57.00 CAD
Fortifying Face Balm
Kora Organics
$49.00 CAD
Noni Glow Face Balm
Kari Gran
$83.50 CAD
Essential Balm
Fitglow Beauty
$85.50 CAD
Cloud Ceramide Balm
Laurel Skin
$98.00 CAD
Recovery Balm
Laurel Skin
$138.00 CAD
Day Balm
Lina Hanson
$92.00 CAD
Global Treasures
Tammy Fender
$170.00 CAD
Intensive Repair Balm
RMS Beauty
$18.75 CAD $31.25 CAD
Lip & Skin Balm
Kahina Giving Beauty
$58.00 CAD
Lip & Face Balm
Maya Chia
$133.00 CAD
The Super Blend
$15.00 CAD
All Purpose Salve