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Facial Gua Sha: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

Facial Gua Sha: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

The benefits of Gua Sha facial massage extend to our skin’s health as well. Specifically, consistent facial Gua Sha leads to improved blood flow, better lymphatic drainage, and relaxed facial muscles, which promotes significant improvements in the health and appearance of our face, including:

  • improved hydration levels
  • fewer breakouts
  • reduced puffiness
  • softening of fine lines

Odacité's Crystal Contour Gua Sha tool is hand-carved from natural rose quartz stone. In this video, I show you my facial Gua Sha routine using this tool, demonstrating exactly how I place it on my neck and face for optimal results. This is by far the most effective skin care tool I have tried so far, which makes my skin look visibly healthier after each treatment.

To prep the skin before the massage, I press a few drops of Odacité Wild Carrot Facial Serum Concentrate Vital Glow onto damp skin (after spritzing a hydrating mist, like my favorite one by MUN called Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner). Your skin should feel well moisturized and cushiony before using the Gua Sha, so the tool can glide on without any harsh tugging.

I hope you enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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