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How to Ground Your Root Chakra

How to Ground Your Root Chakra

Just as the groundedness of a tree routes the flow of sap from earth to leaves and from leaves to earth, so does our groundedness channel the flow of excitement from ourselves to the environment and from the environment to ourselves. - Stanley Keleman

No two people are alike, so what you need is specific to you, your desires, and your soul. Stop and take a look around you—your root literally starts with where you are—the environment you’re in and how your energy reacts or interacts with your surroundings. It is the foundation and beginning of the rest of the chakra system. Be here, now. Know that it is your right to be where you are. To know you are divinely guided and supported through all that you do. You are safe, you are protected. Be true to who you are and know that when you are balanced, when you are free from blocks, or work through them, you are able to accept these rights fully. According to Andoea, realizing your physical state can help understand blocks in the emotional sphere. What happens when you are able to understand and feel where your physical body is in the present moment? When experiencing a block in the root chakra, you may experience physical pain/disorders in the bowels, feet, knees, base of spine. You may experience illnesses more often, imbalanced eating routines, fear and anxiety, and addictions. It is important to create healthy boundaries in this chakra. We must practice being present in our bodies. Listening to what both our physical body and intuition is telling us. Allowing the messages or changes shown by our bodies to be markers of where our attention needs to be given. It is when we connect our mind, body, and soul as one that we truly reach the depths of our inner most truths. We are fully present and acting in the ways of our Soul.

Element: Earth

Purpose: Foundation

Color: Red

In Balance:

Well Grounded

Good Health

Knowing you are safe and secure


Contentment, ability to relax



Family Dynamics

Body Nourishment

Anxiety and Fearful


Basic Rights: To be here and to have


I am safe

I am protected by Source

I trust that I am exactly where I need to be

I am supported

When experiencing signs of blockages in this chakra try these out to balance your root chakra:
Be one with Nature. Mother Earth is the most fruitful and nurturing source of energy. She is the ultimate Mother. Ground yourself by feeling the connection of your feet to Earth. In the sand, in the grass, in the mud. Wherever you stand, you may want to use some of the affirmations to make that connection; say to yourself, “I am here, I belong right here, I am being nurtured, protected and guided. I trust in this connection.”
Find a comfortable seated position. With legs crossed, sit bones connected to the ground, crown of the head lifted and spine straight and long, start to inhale and exhale in a balanced 4 count breath. Inhaling for 4 counts and exhaling for 4 counts. Start to visualize roots actually growing from your Root chakra into the Earth, just as a plant grows through and into the dirt. You are rooted, connected to Source and it is feeding and feeding your growth. Feel the energy through the connection, and bring it up, one by one to each of the other 6 Chakras. Feel the presence, feel the energy of being alive.
Fear causes the foundation of the root chakra to be shaky and insecure. This leading to a shake to the whole chakra system. Grounding into your foundation means clearing anything that might make it shaky. What fears are holding you back? When we hold onto these thoughts and ideas that create fear in our bodies we are unable to see them clearly. Fear is there to teach us, not hinder us. Acknowledge them, welcome them, and listen to what your body is really saying to you. Try writing out your fears—release them by burning the paper you’ve written on. Replace this with positive affirmations of Faith like the ones above. Trust you are safe.


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