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The Edit: Benefits of Rahua Oil

The Edit: Benefits of Rahua Oil

Introducing Rahua Oil, the nurturing hair ingredient beloved for centuries by Amazonian women for long, lustrous stands.

Has your hair been spending a little too much quality time with your colorist? Or maybe it’s in a heated relationship with your hot tools? This is your sign to give strands a holiday break of their own with indulgent Rahua Oil.

Ethically sourced

Rahua Oil is extracted from local Ungurahua tree nuts by the Quechua-Achuar tribe of the Amazon.

Special benefits of Rahua Oil

Its impressively small molecules allow it to absorb effortlessly into the scalp and hair shaft rather than just leaving behind a greasy coat. It also pushes pigments deeper into your strands, to keep your hair bright and vibrant between touch-ups.

Why We Love It

  • Strengthens hair follicles without weighing strands down
  • Helps over processed, weak, and damaged hair feel silky-soft
  • Keeps pesky frizz and flyaways at bay

Try it: Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil

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