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The Edit: Makeup Artist Approved Clean Beauty Products

The Edit: Makeup Artist Approved Clean Beauty Products

Looking to elevate your holiday makeup look? Celebrity green makeup artist, Katey Denno has you covered with her standouts of the season.

“As a makeup artist who begins each client session with a personalized facial massage, it’s unsurprising that my love language is touch. The other is, simply, kindness. Show me you’re kind–not just 4 to me, but to everyone, including yourself.”

Johnny Concert - Amplified Palette

"These fun, yet wearable quads feature colors you may not think to wear together, but just wait until you start experimenting! The bold shades provide plenty of options and the payoff is great."

ILIA Beauty - Limitless Mascara

"This has been my favorite mascara for years. Its double-sided brush separates and fans out lashes for a perfect look in one or two coats, or you can layer it on for a high-intensity lash look which is great for holiday parties."

Ere Perez - Coco Crayon

"These rich and creamy multi-purpose crayons are ideal for makeup novices and pros alike. They have the best pigment and buildability so you can add a touch of color to eyes, lips and cheeks for a monochromatic look, or go for full-on, saturated lips."

ATHR Beauty - Desert Rose Lip + Cheek Oil Stain

"This double-duty formula comes in fun shades to give your skin a gorgeous pop of color. I'll either dab it directly onto the lips and cheeks or build it up until I achieve my desired look."

Fitglow Beauty - Lip Color Serum

"I love a lip color that's truly healing and moisturizing and this formula takes that to the max—not to mention it comes in a multitude of easy-to-wear and timeless colors."

RMS Beauty - ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush

"This is what makeup artists and wearers have been waiting for. This long-wear powder is the perfect marriage of highlighter and blush, so you can wear it super-sheer or pack it on to make the pigments pop."

Kosas - Air Brow & Brow Pop

"I start by brushing this gel in the opposite direction of hair growth to add some volume to the brows and provide them with a light hold that's not stiff or sticky. Next, I apply the pencil in feather-like strokes to enhance the color."

Introducing Clean Collective

In collaboration with long-time friend and industry role-model, Katey Denno, The Detox Market has launched Clean Collective—the first-ever clean beauty makeup program fostering the professional growth of makeup artists. Through industry education, networking opportunities, and special perks, this community aims to lead its members to be the next generation of clean beauty experts and innovators. Learn more about Clean Collective by The Detox Market.

Learning is beautiful.

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