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The Edit: Odacité's New Serums Merge Clean + Clinical

The Edit: Odacité's New Serums Merge Clean + Clinical

If applying a soft gel serum every night with gold-standard clinical actives sounds like your love language, go ahead and tell your not-so-secret Santa to listen up. These three new superpower serums are about to make all of your yuletide wishes come true.

Behind the Serums

Retinol, salicylic acid, and vitamin C are some of the most praised and powerful ingredients out there. The catch? All it takes is a little exposure to air, light, or heat and *boom* oxidation. To maintain peak potency (and, ahem, prevent pouring your beauty budget down the drain) the new Clean-ical Formulations encapsulate each active to ensure they stay highly stable and ready to go to work as soon as they touch your skin. Plus, every formula features a mega-hydrating hyaluronic acid base and a boost of vitamins A, B, D, and E for top-notch results.

What will really make your skin want to indulge in these serums, is the euphoric sensorial experience they offer that many clinical-grade formulas often lack. Aromatic floral waters, including neroli, rose, and ylang ylang, relax your body and mind, rejuvenate your spirit, and melt away the stress of that end-of-year hustle.

Renewing Serum: Retinol and bakuchiol work harmoniously to boost collagen and deliver that smooth, flawless complexion we all covet.

Brightening Serum: Vitamins C & E and squalene are the ingredients to believe in to minimize signs of aging and unveil a luminous, even skin tone.

Clarifying Serum: Salicylic acid clears pores and gently exfoliates, leaving your complexion miraculously clean, fresh, and healthy.

“We chose to use retinol, salicylic acid, and vitamin C because they have the best scientific track record of delivering the clinical-grade results we want. These serums are great gifts to give yourself or the person who’s always struggling to find a skincare formula with both clean and clinical powers.”
Valérie Grandury, Founder of Odacité

Odacité’s luxe Le Blue Balm is a multi-purpose skin-saver fortified with a heavenly mixture of blue chamomile, squalane, and omega- rich oils. Psst—it pairs perfectly with your fireside matcha or hot cocoa.

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