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Talia's Detox Market Favorites

Hey Detox Market Lovers!!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Talia Chai, I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Clean Foods Chef and Founder of Talia Chai Wellness. I’ve also had the pleasure of working at The Detox Market in Toronto for the past two years.

I’m incredibly passionate about the food we put in our bodies but I care just as much about the products we put on our skin. We now know that at least 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream and that synthetics, chemicals, and toxins in beauty products are now being connected to things like hormone disruption and (yikes) cancer, so finding safe options matters.

Now, I know that finding the right natural products can be somewhat overwhelming. There’s a lot out there. That’s why I was so excited when The Detox Market asked me curate a collection of my die-hard favourite products from the store and share them with you. Don’t forget, I’ve had two years of testing them all out! Yesssss. So here it is, my collection of absolute go-to products that I just can’t get enough of. They’re gorgeous, they work, and they won’t pollute your beautiful body.

Here’s the best part. While I believe it’s totally worth it, I know buying healthier products can sometimes break the bank. It was important to me that you got some sort of perk to try these things out. I wanted to hook my people up! So, The Detox Market is kindly offering my awesome TC Wellness community 15% off all orders over $50 from my Favourites Collection. How awesome is that??

Here’s how to get your discount:
Step 1: Pick out your favourite products from Talia’s Detox Market Favourites Collection below and add them to your cart.
Step 2: When you check out, add the following discount code: TCWELLNESS15 and you’re good to go!

Added Bonuses:
This discount code does not expire, so feel free to use it on online orders over $50 as many times as you’d like.
You’ll also go FREE shipping on orders over $100 (before discount and taxes).

*This discount is available to Canadian online shoppers only and cannot be used in the physical stores.

Have fun and let me know what you pick!

Lots of love,

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best seller
RMS Beauty
"Un" Cover-Up
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best seller
RMS Beauty
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RMS Beauty
Tinted "Un" Powder
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An Autumn On The World
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One Love Organics
Vitamin C Body Oil
Kahina Giving Beauty
Face Cream
Earl Grey Lip Balm
Kjaer Weis
Lengthening Mascara
Expressionist PRO Mascara
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