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Brand story





Plant-based products with a purpose. These formulas are designed to improve and transform skin with botanical ingredients supported by science.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida




Severe sensitivity and sun damage from outdoor sports left health and fitness fanatic Anna with a conundrum—conventional products left her irritated, but naturals weren’t delivering the results she wanted. Fitglow Beauty was the answer.



Now Fort Lauderdale, but originally Toronto.

Favorite getaway?

I love to travel. In Florida I love the Keys for a quick getaway, but if I have more time the air and beaches in Wales are super special and inspiring.

How you break a sweat?

Paddle boarding, snorkeling, or chasing my little one.

How you unwind?

I actually unwind at work, especially working on new products and researching ingredients. I also love a good glass of wine by the pool.

Theme song?

“Golden” by Jill Scott, and yes, I do sing it while driving with my windows down.

Secret skill?

I grew up practicing martial arts so I still have some secret ninja skills left.

Worst beauty sin?

Not wearing sunscreen or protecting your face, as sun damage is what ages us the fastest.

Best beauty tip?

Skin first, makeup second. Take the time to invest in your skin and you will love the way you look with or without makeup.

Biggest challenge?

Balancing being a new mom with being a business owner and practicing self-care.

Biggest motivation?

I am motivated to create change in beauty. I would like to see green beauty become more the norm.

Words to live by?

Challenges are a normal part of life, so don't let them stop you from being great.