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Brand story



Daan Sins and Sébastien Guerra


An organic French personal care brand with a bespoke approach to product formulation that utilizes pure essential oils for effective and sustainable results.






Disappointed with the lack of results-driven natural beauty brands, Daan and Sébastien decided to combine their years of industry expertise to create essential skincare products that met their impeccable standards for quality and performance.


First job?

DS: Newspaper delivery.
SG: Flight attendant for Air France.

Wake up time?

DS: 7:15 am, then bike to the office.
SG: 7:00 am & straight to the gym.

Sweet or savory?

DS: Savory—pasta with parmesan.
SG: Sweet for my French half, savory for my Italian half.

Favorite pastime?

DS: I love to cook & host dinner parties.
SG: Bootcamp with friends on the Seine River bank.

Book or podcast?

DS: Book—The Magic of Plants by Jacques Brosse.
SG: E-reader—so convenient when traveling light.

Desert island product?

DS: Our Hyaluronic Concentrate.
SG: Our Organic Night Repair Oil.

Favorite memory together?

Our Baywatch boat during Amsterdam pride.