Perfect Plum Pairing for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Skin prone to irritation and dryness requires a bevy of hydration to feel relaxed. Cue this calming cocktail for optimal moisture pre-bedtime. The nutrient-dense evening elixir and illuminating sleep mask work in tandem overnight to lock in hydration and reveal a well-rested complexion come morning.

Perfect Plum Pairing for Oily, Blemish-Prone Skin

With the help of this magical mix, it’s easy to fend off clogged pores and the return of stubborn spots. Use the exfoliating cleanser to clear impurities without tearing the skin (thanks to gentle bitter orange powder and fruit acids!), followed by the nourishing moisturizer to penetrate deeply and re-hydrate with fortifying antioxidants.

Perfect Plum Pairing for Mature Skin

As skin ages, fine lines can surface, texture typically dulls, and elasticity often depletes. Try this age-defying duo to help bring it back to vibrant! Begin with the antioxidant-rich serum (which harnesses water-soluble THD vitamin C) for a burst of brightness, followed by the moisturizing SPF to shield skin from age-accelerating rays and sensitizing stressors—so you can stay healthy-looking long-term.

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