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Nov_Detox_Box_LP_1-The Detox Market - Canada
STEP 1: Lighten the mood

Satya + Sage - Healer Candle

$22 VALUE | 5oz | 148ml

Why You Need It: You can’t find your zen without grounding scents.

Intentional Ingredients: 
Coconut Wax: A clean, slow-burning ingredient that provides long-lasting aromatherapy.

Bergamot: A subtly-fragrant floral scent known to relieve stress and anxiety.

Musk: An aphrodisiac aroma that rebalances and calms your senses.

Nov_Detox_Box_LP_2-The Detox Market - Canada
STEP 2: Soak away stresses

maude - Soak

$14 VALUE | 4oz | 113ml

Why You Need It: You need to fully submerge to wash away tension. 

Intentional Ingredients:
Magnesium: A mineral that relieves muscle soreness and improves quality of sleep.

Cedar leaf: A fresh, purifying scent that helps detoxify the body. 

Medjool Date: A fan-fave anti-inflammatory that stimulates the immune system.

Nov_Detox_Box_LP_3-The Detox Market - Canada
STEP 3: Face fatigue head on

100% Pure - Caffeine Mask


Why You Need It: Your tired, dull skin needs a winter wake-up call.

Intentional Ingredients:
Coffee: An antioxidant-rich skin stimulator that reduces redness and puffiness.

Seaweed Collagen: An anti-aging protein that boosts elasticity.

Yerba Mate: A free-radical fighter that regulates oil production and keeps acne at bay.

Nov_Detox_Box_LP_5_dbae3788-a2c2-4d45-9ca1-ad671a6283a8-The Detox Market - Canada
STEP 4: Ease skin into the season

Vintner’s Daughter - Active Treatment Essence

$116 VALUE | 0.34oz | 10ml

Why You Need It: Your skin is showing signs of wear down.  

Intentional Ingredients:
Microalgae: A vitamin-rich superfood that helps hydrate and revitalize. 

Papaya: An enzymatic fruit that combats free-radical damage and softens skin. 

Dandelion: A nutritious flower that reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.

Nov_Detox_Box_LP_4_2d47f9ec-0563-4701-9325-19eb103605c8-The Detox Market - Canada
STEP 5: Prep for a hands-on holiday

PAUME - Cuticle Balm

$30 VALUE | 3oz | 90 ml

Why You Need It: You’re feeling out of touch with hydration.

Intentional Ingredients:
Avocado: A fatty acid-rich moisturizing fruit that nourishes and protects the skin.

Grapeseed oil: An antimicrobial oil that improves fine lines and wrinkles. 

Safflower: A hydrating plant that improves overall skin tone and texture.

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