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I Create Waves



Who needs the beach when you've got this precious elixir?

For good vibes and even better hair, turn to Innersense's I Create Waves spray, chock full of Himalayan pink salt. Infused with hair-loving minerals and a generous dose of amethyst crystal—believed to manifest feelings of inner strength and peace—this potion produces touchably soft waves, all while bestowing the perfect amount of texture. Ultra-replenishing aloe vera kisses dry, parched strands with moisture (no split ends spotted here!), while oh-so-nourishing calendula and lavender envelop you and your locks in a soothing sensory experience. The results? Natural, beachy waves; fuller, healthier-looking hair; strands that feel utterly revitalized; and your newest can't-live-without-it product.

Bonus tip: Spray throughout hair to refine and bring lived-in curls back to life!

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