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Our monthly favorites: Arielle's pick

Traveling back and forth between LA & NYC, I need beauty products that will keep me looking fresh and feeling energized! No jet lag allowed! Here are a few of my "can't live without" beauty essentials for Fall!
Odacité - Autumn On The World - This extremely concentrated vitamin C booster prevents me from having a dull complexion and leaves me with a constant radiant glow -- any time of the day!  
Ilia - Karma Chameleon - There's just not enough time to describe how amazing this lip crayon color is! Perfect for those days when I want to take it up a notch with a slightly brighter shade.  
Odacité - Body Lotion - With its aloe vera base and subtle hints of lavender, it hydrates and moisturizes deep into the skin.  No more dryness or that yucky oily residue!
Kusmi Detox Tea - You can sip on it throughout the day without getting the jitters or that coffee crash!  
Kure Bazaar - Beige Milk - A classic light pink that works all year round! Beige Milk wears great on all skin tones and gives off a super clean vibe!
Soapwalla Deodorant - At first I was a little skeptical about a cream deodorant that I would have to apply myself (it's not a roll-on or spray). But, once I got used to it and saw how well it worked, there was no turning back! 
KIDE - Kissed Blush - This mineral powder blush is infused with vitamins A, C and E, is full of antioxidants and has a natural SPF of 15. I also pick out the light pink and brown shimmers to use as eyeshadows. The unique packaging is an added bonus!


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