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Sustainable Beauty Swaps

At The Detox Market, we know that reducing waste and living more sustainably can feel overwhelming. That’s why we curated this sustainability collection—to provide you with thoughtful, affordable, and eco-friendly switches that fit seamlessly into your everyday needs. Little adjustments in our personal daily routines can make a big long-term impact. Here are our favorite environmentally-friendly swaps for the most common day-to-day culprits. 



Product type
Well Kept
Safety Razor Blades
The Detox Market
Bamboo Soap Dish
best seller
Kjaer Weis
Lip Gloss Refill
Well Kept
Safety Razor - Cream
Well Kept
Citrus Shave Soap
The Detox Market
$20.00 $39.00
The Sustainability Set
Well Kept
Safety Razor Kit Cream
Kjaer Weis
$32.00 $40.00
Lipstick Refill
Jungle Straws
Reusable Bamboo Straw Set
Malibu Magic
La bouche rouge, Paris
$29.25 $45.00
Satin Refill
La bouche rouge, Paris
Mascara - Le Serum noir
140 results