Top 5 Blemish Treatments

The Detox Market has curated truly high-performance formulas to improve the appearance of even the most stubborn, blemish-prone skin.  These 5 powerhouse products work whether you need an overnight miracle or a long-term solution for maintaining skin that looks clean and clear.

Bl + C | Pimples Odacite
Price: $45.00
Brand: Odacite
Product: Bl + C | Pimples
Perfect for: The Osmia Spot Treatment is for all breakout prone skin that is sensitive, sensitized or simply inflamed.
Why we love it: The essential oil blend calms the skin and senses in a way that heals even the peskiest of breakouts.
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Black Clay Facial Soap
Price: $30.50
Brand: Osmia
Product: Black Clay Facial Soap
Perfect for: Black Cumin and Cajeput works for those with breakouts that are cystic and brewing under the skin.
Why we love it: This simple oil blend stops breakouts dead in their tracks by calming inflammation and drying out infection without overstripping.
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All Becomes Clear
Price: $79.00
Brand: Pai Skincare
Product: All Becomes Clear
Perfect for: The Complete Moisture Cleanse is a anti-inflammatory creamy cleanser for anyone looking to balance their dehydrated skin or overactive oil production.
Why we love it: This cleanser works at healing breakouts at the root of the issue by balancing and moisturizing skin while providing a thorough cleanse.
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KYPRIS Beauty Clearing Serum 47 ml
Price: $146.00
Brand: KYPRIS Beauty
Product: Clearing Serum
Perfect for: The Kypris Clearing Serum is best used as a spot treatment for an inflammed or infected blemish or can be used all over to balance oily complexions prone to breakouts and redness.
Why we love it: The matifying solution cools irritation and regulates oil production while protecting your skin against environemental stressors.
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Complete Moisture Cleanse
Price: $37.00
Brand: Josh Rosebrook
Product: Complete Moisture Cleanse
Perfect for: Indie Lee's Blemish Lotion helps calm and dry a blemish if you are in need of a quick overnight fix.
Why we love it: This pink lotion is our at home beauty breakout fix of choice for it dries infection, calms inflammation and works as quickly as a mask treatment for individual spots.
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