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A community created for clean beauty-curious makeup artists to chat, collaborate, and learn (mixed with some major perks).



​​This community brings many great perks for you to experiment with & enjoy. We ask that you share your experiences so others can learn and engage with you.

Special Kits

  1. Post at least ONE IG Reel or TikTok showing us:
    A makeup look using these products, and/or
    Your fave product (and why!)
  2. Leave at least ONE review on the product’s page sharing your thoughts


  1. Post ONE IG Reel or TikTok sharing your pro tip for using the product
  2. Leave a review on the product page
  3. Comment in Geneva to the discussion board for the launch


  1. We encourage you to share your experiences on social
  2. Leave a comment on the discussion board for the event

Each Month

  1. Post TWO IG Reels or TikToks
  2. Leave FOUR makeup pro reviews on four different product pages

Remember to tag @thedetoxmarket and @thedetoxmarketcanada

Member Playbook


To keep this community a safe place where everyone can thrive, there are a few guidelines to follow. Keep in mind, as the Clean Collective evolves so may these guidelines.

Be kind to one another.

Let’s support, welcome, and respect other members’ contributions.

Authenticity always wins.

We encourage you to bring real ideas and thoughts to this community so you can build real relationships with other members.

Share your thoughts.

We want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, just maybe not your number, address, financial info or other private stuff (and that goes for other people's too).

Treat others with respect.

Although we all share a love of beauty, we are a diverse group. Others' opinions and perspectives will be treated with respect as we have a zero-tolerance for harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

Refrain from promoting competition.

While we love supporting others' exciting opportunities (plus, a little competition never hurt anybody), we ask that you refrain from promoting competing groups.

We mean clean.

This should go without saying but if it's NSFW, it's probably not safe for this community.

Have fun.

At the end of the day, we all just want to enjoy ourselves.

Clean Collective Best Practices

Leaving a Review

  • Be authentic—others want to know what you really think
  • Keep it simple and action-oriented—you’re the expert here, so share how an expert would do it!
  • Leave it on the product page under “reviews”
  • Share a photo with your review for extra visibility.

Commenting within Geneva

  • Be authentic—others want to know you and your honest thoughts
  • Engage spontaneously—share your thoughts & ideas as they come to you, there’s no need to plan things out!

Shop My Shelf

  • Find all best practices here.

When posting about a product

  • Show the product box or bottle
  • Share your experience with the product
  • Show the raw texture of the product

When posting about an assortment

  • Show an overview of the products in the assortment
  • Share an interesting fact, pro tip, or creative use for products

When posting about a recent brand launch

  • Share which brand it is and what is being released
  • Share when it is being released to the public (date)
  • Share your thoughts on the launch

#TheCleanCollective #CollectiveProTip #CollectiveCrew @thedetoxmarket @thedetoxmarketcanada

Discount FYIs

Your membership code gives you access to products at a highly discounted price. But as with any perk, there are some stipulations.
  • Membership codes are specially created for YOU. Please do not share with anyone else within or outside of the program.

  • Your code can be used both in-store and online at thedetoxmarket.com & thedetoxmarket.ca.

  • There is a max spend with each purchase of $4,000.

  • Your discount is subject to Makeup and Skincare categories only.

  • Your discount expires on December 31, 2022. But don’t worry, we’ll create a new one for the new year.


Just want to be transparent with you…
  • You will own all of your content, but we reserve the right to repost content to The Detox Market's social media channels with credit to the artist.

  • What you post in Geneva can be repurposed for brand content, with credit to the artist.

  • Our team may evaluate conversations for quality, product + brand research, and moderation purposes, but your data will never be sold to third parties.

  • We reserve the right to use any product reviews made by a member on our other channels.