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Unburden Serum

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The Unburden Serum: Deep Tranquility is a concentrated moisturizer, serum, and elemental defense oil in one. Its name comes from its ability to support all skin functions by lifting the burden of inflammation, the root cause of all secondary skin symptoms; including but not limited to acne, rosacea, redness, broken capillaries, excessive dryness,  and loss of elasticity.  It contains numerous plants which have a lymph affinity, encouraging ease, flow, and release of stagnation that shows up in qi, lymph, fascia, and connective tissue. The Unburden Serum encourages and supports all cellular functioning to continue with ease and grace, transforming skin to a state of tranquility.

Jojoba OilËš, Evening Primrose OilËš, Pomegranate OilËš, Almond OilËš, Rosehip Fruit + Seed OilËš, Borage Seed OilËš, Olive OilËš, Red Raspberry Seed OilËš, Chia Seed OilËš, Tamanu OilËš, Cranberry Seed OilËš, Sea Buckthorn Fruit + Seed OilËš, Rosemary ExtractËš; House Made Whole Plant Extracts Of Baical SkullcapËš, Licorice RootËš, Marshmallow RootËš, CalendulaËš, AstragalusËš, ChamomileËš, Gotu KolaËš, ComfreyËš, LavenderËš, NettleËš; Essential Oils Of HelichrysumËš, MyrrhËš, Lemon BalmËš, Roman ChamomileËš, German ChamomileËš ËšSignifies Certified Organic Ingredientastragalus*, Comfrey*; Essential Oils Of Helichrysum*, Lemon Balm*, Neroli*, Blue Chamomile*, Myrrh*. *Organic Ingredient
Put 2-4 drops onto fingertips and apply to clean face and neck. First apply to drier part of skin and work inward. This product works as a treatment serum, a moisturizer, and a mild sun protectant in one.
1.01 fl oz | 30 ml
A pioneer of the slow-beauty movement, Laurel Skin was born out of deep devotion to skin health, overall wellbeing, and the natural world. Maintaining the purity and integrity of whole plant ingredients are what make its potent formulas so effective at nourishing, balancing, and replenishing all skin types.



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