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Gemstone Facial Roller

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Wake your face up with the ancient Chinese practice of facial rolling. 

Opalite: This roller is powered by the energy of opalite, a luminous glass believed to open the third eye chakra, unlocking your intuition and helping you speak your truth.

Rose Quartz: This roller is powered by the energy of rose quartz, a crystal said to bring healing energy to the heart chakra, allowing you to give and receive unconditional love and positive energy.

Green Jade: This roller is powered by the energy of green jade, a crystal believed to open the heart chakra and impart feelings of harmony and well-being.


Use alone or combined with your favorite face oil or serum at least 3x a week. Roll upward from the point of your chin to your temple. Roll up and out from the center of your brows to the top of your forehead. Roll upward from your decolletage to your jawline. Use the smaller end to roll gently from you inner eye outward and over your brow bone and under your eye.

Pro tip: Chill in the fridge or freezer for the ultimate depuffing ritual.
For over a decade, we’ve meticulously curated the best in clean beauty—which is why we saw the need to create safe and effective beauty tools to use alongside your favourite Detox Market products. Inspired by the transformative power of nature, our tools are crafted using sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology to compliment and improve the efficacy of your skincare. Elevate your routine with The Detox Market Tools that take your self-care routine to whole new heights.



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