Oil Cleanser
  • Wildcraft Oil Cleanser

Oil Cleanser



Gently purify your skin and wash away impurities without stripping moisture. This no-suds blend of botanical oils will leave your skin feeling clean and soothed. Jojoba- and marshmallow root-infused sunflower oil hydrate without clogging pores. 

Clean, woodsy, and floral.

Lightly steam your face with a warm, wet cloth or while in the shower to open up your pores. Pump about a quarter sized amount into your hand, and massage into skin for about 30 seconds. Gently wipe away the oil with a cloth.
Marshmallow root* infused Sunflower oil*, Jojoba oil*, Olive oil*, Flax oil*, Lavender*, Frankincense, and Tea tree* essential oils, Rosemary leaf extract*

3.4 oz | 100 ml

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